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High priests guide :D

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High Priest Guide
Pink, because us priests are hardcore to the max.

So you've decided to wipe it in people's faces that you can kick their ass with a support class? Well welcome to the High Priest guide! Here you can find stats, equipment and tricks to help you make making a HP that little bit easier.

As a note, I have included some Donor tips - these can be seen by the elloquent '[Donor]'. I won't be providing notes on them, however, that's for you to figure out ;D


Str: 10-20 for carrying equipment
Agi: Enough for 196 ASPD
Vit: Rest
Int: 255~
Dex: 150+ [including bonuses]
Luk: 0

For int, you should get a multiple of 5 (boost to max MATK) or 7 (boost to min MATK), which includes bonuses. For example, if I have +22 int as a bonus, you'd want 251 int as this will equal 273. This is to maximise damage whilst still allowing for extra stat points to spend elsewhere.
As for dex, you'll probably want more than 150, just for the hit bonus.
Also, if you aren't going to be using coma as weapon, you'll still need 196 ASPD for holy light spam.

For donors, you'll need a lot less extra points in agi to reach that 196, so this allows you to spend more points elsewhere. You can either go vit (especially if you WoE 2.0 as Thana can't be used there) or more str for attacking melee.


+10 Staff of Recovery
Book of the Dead[2]
Mace [4] [Donor]

Lord of Death
Turtle General [Donor]
Hydra [Donor]
Valk R [Donor]
Skele Worker [Donor]

You'll be using your BotD as your regular weapon. Sometimes you may need to pull out the SoR for some quick healing or Emp healing, depending if you WoE or not. Phree's will help you hit those really high, annoying, flee builds, whilst your LoD helps cast a magnitude of status effects to cripple your enemy.

Valk Armour [1]
Holy Robe [1]
Glittering Jacket [1]
Odin's Blessing [1]

Evil Druid

Why Evil Druid you may ask? Well, I've ran into a lot of LKs who use a pest on their armour to cast stone curse when you melee them - slightly annoying. And since ED = immunity to stone curse, what more you got to worry about? Also, ED means immunity to those pesky SinXs who have enchant poison on. Marc speaks for itself - unfrozen. I'd advise wearing your marc more often than ED since if a wizard jumps you, you'll need to heal up quick. Angeling, another obvious one. This allows for the old aspersio trick, which will be explained later.

Upper slotted
Mid slotted
A pipe

Orc Hero
Maya P
Gibbets [Donors]
Leaf Cats and friends [Donors]

These are your basic cards - you can in fact do without the Mistress, but be prepared with some bluies if you plan on casting SW/ME/Sanc, which you most likely will. Since you only have two slots, we'll defend against the two most common status effects: stun and silence; as Priests, we can cure the rest. Maya P would be nice to have, if you're rich enough. However, it's not necessary. Also, if you're good enough, try getting one of the Pouring Blood hats - these allow for 2 slots, upper, and some nifty boosts.

Tidal Shoes [1]

Amon Ra (If you can)
Dark Lord

There's some flexiablity on this, as cards really depend on how rich you are; an Amon Ra card will save you so many times when you move into coma it's unbelievable. Verit will provide a nice boost to the ole HP, whilst DL helps keep those damned meleers at bay with MS. If you're finding that your Mdef is lacking, you could always get a megalith if your tidals are <+5, as these provide +7 Mdef. The tidal shoes, however, are very nice to have. If you can afford a Sleipner then by all means go for it.

Wool Scarf [1]

SinX (Again, if you can)

Once again, flexablity. The marse is just a nice added bonus to SG resistance (30%). The wool scarf, too. You can do what you want here, really. Maybe even go for an Orc Baby if you have a +9/+10. If you have a <+5, a Kapha would be nice to have for the extra Mdef (+Cool.

Valk Shield [1]
Strong Shield [1]

Thara Frog
Flame Skull

Yeah, the Thara Frog only really applies to the Strong Shield (you'll see why I included this later on). As for Maya, I personally use this as my regular shield, however, you could also use a seeker card to provide a hefty +10 Mdef.

Expert Ring [1]
Rosary [1]
Earring [1]
Orlean's Glove [1]
Diablos Ring [1]

Errende Ebecee (Because you're just too lazy to cast Pneuma yourself ;D)
Wikibene Tres

This also allows for some custom-builds here. I usually used two expert rings with two cookies (Link + 20% extra damage = dead bodies everywhere). It's up to you; go with it as you please. At the minute, I personally use the Ring of Flame Lord and Ring of Ressonance combo ^^ You can also use a hide clip to avoid most magical attacks [except Heaven's Drive]. Another possiblity is a Wikibene Tres card, which casts strip armour on the target you're hitting. This can be useful if they're wearing Angeling.

Pre-built Equip Sets

I'm so nice that I've even put together some equip sets for you:

Poor Man's Mdef:

Drooping Kitty
Middle headgear w/ Marduk
Lower headgear - have some toast if you're hungry
+5 Glittering Jacket/+5 Holy Robe w/ Marc [+5]
+5 Valk Shield w/ Seeker [+15]
+5 Wool Scarf w/ Kapha [+12]
+5 High Quality Sandals w/ Megalith [+17]
Accessories - 2x Rosaries [+10]

Mdef = 74
Def = 34

As you can see, this is the poor man's Mdef build. Not too much, only about 70% reduction; however, due to assumptio knocking off 1/2 or so damage, that's plenty. Def is lacking, however. This is, of course, assuming you get the highest possible refine rate, which is, typically, +5. Either way, this isn't anything special, and should be generally used in PvP or in duels.

Frigg's Circlet Build/Mdef Build #2

+X Frigg's Cirlcet [+10 + X]
Middle headgear w/ Marduk
Lower headgear - perhaps you feel like a pipe?
+5 Odin's Blessing w/ Marc
+Y Valk Shield w/ Seeker [+15 + Y]
+5 Wool Scarf w/ Kapha [+12]
+5 High Quality Sandals w/ Megalith [+17]
Accessories - 2x Rosaries [+10]

Mdef = 64 + X + Y
Def = ([3+[X*0.7]] + [3+[Y*0.7]] +19) - (X + Y)

Ok, so that looks daunting. Baaasically, X and Y are your refines for the Frigg's Circlet and Valk Shield. If you're too lazy to work it out, I'll give you a brief overview; this build allows for some extreme and easy to achieve Mdef, yet lowers your def drastically. ONLY use in case of a high wizard. And don't forget to swap over when facing a meleer, otherwise you're crunch toast.

Tips and Tricks

Let's make a list, since lists are nicer on the eyes and easier to read:

* Aspersio is your best friend inside and outside of WoE. In PvP, cast it on meleers and stick on your Angeling armour - this way they'll miss every attack they do to you whilst you beat them around the head with your book. In WoE, use it for people breaking the Emp, since it is holy element. If you find a cross-like animation appears and they're still hitting, either cast ME or resurection on them and watch them burn in hell for wearing an ED.
* A Strong Shield (With Thara Frog - MUST have Thara with it) is nice to have in PvP against those snipers and champs who try and magnum you out of your Pneuma. BEWARE: Do NOT equip this against wizards, LKs or PPS Champs - you will fall in SECONDS as it allows them to spam JT/BB/PPS respectively.
* If you have an Amon Ra, use it. It will help you so much whilst you try and coma them into next week.
* Your role in WoE, if you attack, will be to be a meat shield. You'll be pretty damn effective, combined with your assump/kyrie/heal/SW. And since GTBs are about as common as smart people on this server, you'll fell a few people by coma before finally dying yourself. Try to stay behind the tanks and spam HL, especially if you have a link. Also, if coming up to a heavily fortified area, cast ME on them; I guarantee you at least one of them will be wearing ED. Don't forget you're true calling as a support class though, and remember to buff/Pneuma/heal those who need it. You soloing a castle is about as hopeful as a cyanide pill, so stick with your party at all costs.
* Defending is where you really shine. In my opinion, the best place to stay is in the precast right next to the portal where they warp. Cast Ruwach, safety wall on yourself, Pneuma on the wizards behind you and cast decrease AGI on those that enter. Those stupid enough to attack you should be met with a face full of book. Don't forget to heal the emp and keep everyone topped up on buffs. If you find coma a cheap tactic, join your wizzie buddies up top and keep them Pneuma'd, whilst casting your rain of holy light down to those below you.
* Some under-rated skills, which I think are GREAT, include: safety wall, learn to use it. It'll save you from Asura noobs/Sac noobs/BB noobs/noobs in general. It doesn't work with Pneuma nearby though; decrease AGI (WoE specific), this'll stop those SinXs from zooming past you to the Emp, allowing your guild to latch onto them and drag them to the ground <3; Magnus, I rarely see this used. Seriously, USE IT; Recovery, yup, recovery. This is for all those stupid guildies you have who don't wear Marc whilst running into a Clown.
* If you can, find yourself a link whore. You'll own all those without Angeling.


Woop! This are mainly for WoE, however, most tactics can be applied to PvP as well.

* Lord Knights - Mmm, the chances of you holy lighting them to death is small, due to their huge HP and they'll just mow you down with BB/melee. This is why I prefer casting aspersio on them - if that doesn't work, again due to ED, ME them or res them [make sure they don't have Maya on first]. If you're linked, you can try spamming HL. I find, in both PvP and WoE, decrease agi and running to a safe distance is always a good tactic. I think BB can still knock you out of safety wall, so prepare that strong shield, or your Mistress card.
* Paladins - If they're sac, run up to a safe distance to them [read: one where they won't immediately sac you into next week], safety wall and either holy light them, or, if you can reach, coma them. A Pally can bring you down so quickly with your delicate HP, so watch out. If they use shield chain, Pneuma up and spam, spam, spaam.
* Wizard - Equip your mdef gear and pwn them. They'll do next to nothing if you have the right equips and assumptio on. If you get too low on health, heal up. Watch out though for their fire pillar - this will rape you, and there's no way you can out-heal it without a few bacsojins. If they decide to go mdef too so you can't holy light them, decrease agi and run up to coma them.
* Professors - Good Profs are few and far inbetween - plenty good for us. Stick a Maya on and watch them own themselves, heal up when necessary. If they decide to coma you, aspersio and angeling will stop them. If they're wearing ED, same drill as before. If they decide to land protector over your ME, all the better as this gives you extra time to coma them. Good luck.
* Assassin Cross - Oooh, if the sin is stupid enough to have enchant poison on, swap over to ED and just coma them. If they jump you, first thing to try is always ED. If that fails, and they're still chopping away at your HP, aspersio + angeling. ALWAYS decrease agi on them, always. If you get the chance, holy light them, as their HP is just as fragile as yours; however, I wouldn't recommend it if they appear out of nowhere next to you. If they grim, remember Pneuma stops it. If they SB, SW up and use Pneuma for SBK and holy light spam.
* Stalker - I don't fight many stalkers, although I just imagine them as a sniper/high wiz. Basically, Pneuma up if they're a bow stalker. They'll try and SG (most of the stalkers I've met only use SG) so use unfrozen and keep spamming. Don't forget to decrease agi, as if they come into strip you, you can run away. You should win - but play it safe. If you get stripped, you're dead, so don't let that happen.
* Sniper - Pneuma and strong shield - you've won. If they try and use shockwave traps to suck your SP, don't worry; you have a ton of the stuff, especially with Magnificant. If they run away, chase, but don't forget Pneuma. Kyrie can provide a nice time for you to react in. Have fun winning.
* Clown/Gypsy - Haven't fought many, but I'm guessing the same as the sniper. If they frost joker, slap on Marc and just keep spamming. If they melee, melee back twice as hard. This should be easy, however.
* Whitesmith - Haven't fought many of these, either. Safety wall worked wonders though, if I remember correctly - it stops CT. If in WoE, let your guild get him/her whilst you tank them in your pink-barrier-of-love. In PvP, I really don't know how you would fight them... so just play it as it goes and don't die ;D
* Creator - Ugh. Pneuma. They'll try and magnum you out, so have that strong shield ready. If under the rare occasion they melee you, show them books are better. Just do NOT forget that Pneuma otherwise you WILL die - fast. And if you followed my advice at the top, you should have a lot of vit... so don't get AD'd.
* Champs - Gauge them on their smartness - if they FO you, Pneuma and equip strong shield, but only if they look stupid enough to not use PPS and use Magnum instead; otherwise, you'll have to put with being thrown across the other side of the screen. Handy tip, however, Kyrie stops PPS but not the knock-back. If they're about to Asura you, safety wall and laugh at them [ESPECIALLY if their name is Dr Rey]. This should be a fight sided to you, but it's all about the timing; they can still murder you easily, but you should be able to put up a fight.
* High Priests - You'll need luck.
* Ninjas - I like to put Maya on and just heal myself whilst laughing at them. It seems to work. If they kunai, Pneuma and carry on laughing. If they melee, coma them, or holy light if you're feeling nice, and continue laughing.

If you find I've made a mistake in this guide, don't be afraid to post about it ^^ Also, if you have any new information and/or something else to add to something I've already said, by all means post about it.

Hope you've found this guide useful ^^

I'd like to emphasize that this is NOT my guide...
It was made by Lacerta...
All I did was recover it from the old forums for him...
Also, if you can get your hands on Gym Passes, you won't need STR...


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