Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

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Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:58 pm

Credit for the Banner goes to Cloud. Thanks again, my friend.

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Table of Contents:
1. Intro ----> LINK
a. What Will NOT Be On This Guide
b. Purpose Of This Guide

2. The Assassin Cross ----> LINK
a. Effectiveness
b. What It Takes To Play

3. The Builds ----> LINK
a. Sonic Blow/Grimtooth Build
b. Double Dagger Build
c. Soul Breaker Build
d. Hybrid Build

4. The Stats ----> LINK
a. Strength
b. Agility
c. Vitality
d. Intelligence
e. Dexterity
f. Luck

5. The Status Effects ----> LINK
a. Coma
b. Frozen
c. Blind
d. Curse
e. Silence
f. Sleep
g. Stone Curse
h. Strip
i. Stun
j. External Bleeding
k. Poison
l. Enchant Deadly Poison’s Poison

6. The Items ----> LINK
a. Poison Bottle
b. Converters
c. Miscellaneous Items
i. Authoritative Badge
ii. Red Gemstone
iii. Resist Potions
iv. Panacea

d. Venom Knives And Arrows

7. The Weapons ----> LINK
a. Daggers
i. Main Gauche [4]
ii. Desert Wind [4]
iii. Combat Knife
iv. Ice Pick [1]
v. Grimtooth

b. Swords
i. Blade [4]

c. Axes
i. Orcish Axe [4]

d. Katars/Jurs
i. Specialty Jur [4]
ii. Drill Katar [1]
iii. Infiltrator [1]

8. The Equips ----> LINK
a. Headgears
i. PvP Helm
ii. +30 Helm
iii. Wings
iv. Lower Headgear

b. Armors
i. Valkyrja’s Armor [1]

c. Shields
i. Valkyrja’s Shield [1]
ii. Strong Shield [1]

d. Garments
i. Valkyrja’s Manteau [1]
ii. Wool Scarf [1]

e. Footgears
i. Sleipnir
ii. Valkyrja’s Shoes [1]
iii. Tidal Shoes [1]

f. Accessories
i. Megingjard
ii. Expert Ring [1]

9. The Cards ----> LINK
a. For Weapons
b. For Headgears
c. For Armors
d. For Shields
e. For Garments
f. For Footgears
g. For Accessories

10. The Card Combinations ----> LINK
a. For Weapons
b. For Headgears
c. For Armors
d. For Shields
e. For Garments
f. For Footgears
g. For Accessories

11. The Skills ----> LINK
a. Miscellaneous Skills
i. Pick Stone
ii. Throw Stone
iii. Sprinkle Sand

b. What Should Be Second Nature
i. Cloaking
ii. Hiding
iii. Back Sliding

c. Main Skills
i. Sonic Blow
ii. Grimtooth
iii. Soul Breaker
iv. Meteor Assault

d. Poison Skills
i. Detoxify
ii. Envenom
iii. Enchant Poison
iv. Poison React
v. Create Deadly Poison
vi. Enchant Deadly Poison
vii. Throw Venom Knife
viii. Venom Dust
ix. Venom Splasher

12. The Techniques ----> LINK
a. Speed
b. Patience
c. Weapon Changing
d. Armor Changing

13. The Classes ----> LINK
a. Super Novice
b. Gunslinger
c. Ninja
d. Taekwon Ranker
e. Star Gladiator
f. Soul Linker
g. Lord Knight
h. Paladin
i. High Wizard
j. Professor
k. Sniper
l. Clown/Gypsy
m. High Priest
n. Champion
o. Whitesmith
p. Creator
q. Stalker
r. Assassin Cross

14. Conclusion And Reminder ----> LINK

A lot of people have begged me to make a guide for Assassin Cross. After refusing for quite some time, I made a deal with them. That if I ever quit Player vs. Player (PvP) that I would make an Assassin Cross guide. Well, that day has come and so I present to you this guide.

As most of you already know, my name is Truessence. I’ve been playing Assassin Cross for over two years. Not only that, but it has been the FIRST and ONLY class I have played. Now I have created other classes, but only to see descriptions, skill effects, testing, and what not. The Assassin Cross is the only character I play on but by no means makes it so that I know nothing about other classes. You do not need to BE your opponent in order to fight them effectively.

I used to suck as an Assassin Cross. Yet through just having fun, dying a bunch of times, and learning from my mistakes, I’ve become pretty damn good. I will not say that I am the best or one of the best as many have said before, but that’s for a separate reason that will not be discussed. The fact is that people, with time and patience, can become good at what they do as long as they never give up. That is how I did it and so can you.

What Will NOT Be On This Guide-
Just so I don’t waste people’s times, I want to tell you what you WON’T be learning from this guide so here is a list:
- Emperium Breaking
- Elemental Immunities
- F-Keyable Skills From Other Classes
- How To Use Buff Helms
- How To Be A Bash Sinx
- How To Use Garm Card
- How To Use Elemental Armors
- How To Use Golden Thief Bug Card
- Battle Grounds Weapons and Armors

Purpose Of This Guide-
The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to be a pure and TRUE Assassin Cross (for the sake of familiarity, I will also use the term "Sinx" interchangeably with Assassin Cross, as it is also known). No buff helms, no cheap tactics, no F-Keyable Skills from other classes. I play as one and hence I will only guide you on how to be one. Whatever kind of Sinx you wish to become in the future is up to you, but you will not learn about such methods from me. Please be aware that some of this material may become obsolete in the future with updates and will not undergo changes (hence why there is nothing about Battle Grounds Weapons and Armors). This is because I am retired from the game and can’t describe what has changed from my own personal experience. Though this guide is mainly for Donors (people who have bought special items with their own money) you can still learn from this guide in general as Non-Donors (people who haven’t bought such items). With this guide, you will be able to apply your skills to both WoE and PvP (though this is pretty much a PvP guide). The reason why I won’t teach you some of those things is because I either frown on them or I never had the experience to use them so I won’t half ass explain what I don’t know for myself (as is the case with GTB and Elemental Armors). Or in the case of Emperium breaking, there are plenty of guides for that as well and my advice would just be as good as theirs. This guide is to show you how to play a Sinx to its full potential using the techniques you need to play without depending on cheap tactics. If you are looking for buff helm techniques, how to use Magnum Break and Sight, or how to fight as a God-forbidden Bash Sinx, you can promptly get out right now. I will not degrade what I’ve learned by giving you a guide on such things you can get from somewhere else.

First things first, though. You have to be a level 255 Assassin Cross.

Got it? Okay. Let’s go.


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Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:59 pm

The Assassin Cross:
The Assassin Cross is one of the best melee classes in Ragnarok Online. With it’s obvious advantages to its natural hiding and cloaking ability, speed, ability to dual wield, and its much under-appreciated use of poison, the Sinx is a very flexible and effective class to use in battle. I will be discussing some of its finer points and what it takes to be a good Sinx.

As a Sinx you have the ability to create the finest arsenal of weaponry. With the ability to use your Katars/Jurs, you also can dual wield Daggers, Swords, and even a few Axes. This gives you the highest Damage Per Second (DPS) ratio out of any class with your melee alone. You have the ability to use 8 weapon cards at one time if you have the highest slotted weapons at your disposal. We’ll talk more on weapons and how to increase your damage later.

You also have the ability to poison, stun, blind, and external bleed your opponents with some of your skills. On top of that you have both close and long range attacks, though it’s harder to inflict your long range attacks compared to your close range ones. You are the best suited class for Emperium breaking in War of Emperium (WoE) and are the fastest class to walk on foot due to your walking speed increase when you first become an Assassin. Overall, you just kick a lot of ass, but there are some things you need in order to be effective and good.

What It Takes To Play-
First of all, you need to be fast. You lag? Guess what, you’re not going to have much luck out there in WoE and PvP if you’re slow. There is no such thing as a good Sinx who is slow. Unless of course you have the most “haxed” out items and equips at your every disposal but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have that any time soon and even then you’d need to be fast at item switching. The point is, if you’re slow and you can’t get faster as you move on, Sinx isn’t the class for you. Because Sinx doesn’t have the best defense in the game and we rely on cloaking and dodging, you need to be fast or you’ll FALL fast.

Know your skills. Every skill you have is pretty much an effective skill. Your combos will count a lot and spamming will only get you so far. Because some of your skills have the highest delays out of all classes, you will be left vulnerable at times. So you need to know when that delay is gone so you can shoot out the next move as soon as possible or when you NEED to use that skill at the right times. This can mean the difference between winning and losing. One mistake is all you really need to lose so the point is to get good enough where you barely make any mistakes. I guess the first part of that is knowing your build so let’s move on to that. Shall we?

The Builds:
Now the Sinx has probably some of the most numerous builds out of any class, but there are a few main ones. Keep in mind; you should be able to customize your build to the way you like. Not every build will work for the same person so find one that works for you. The reason why you won’t find the Flee build in here is because it’s rather ineffective in Loki. Also, I will not give you exact numbers since you can find them all over the place. I’m only going to list what they are, what their focus is, and their pros and cons. So let’s talk about the most widely used one first.

Sonic Blow/Grimtooth Build-
This build is probably the most famous build to use. With your full flexibility of skills in use, this build emphasizes on effectiveness of your most deadly attacks. With your main weapon being the Katar/Jur, you can use all of your skills while your stats are geared to giving out the maximum damage possible through those skills. Sonic Blow is a deadly attack and the main focus of this build. Grimtooth will also be part of your main focus and is most often very effective. Almost every Sinx has tried out this build and I’ll admit, I almost kept this build but left it for certain reasons. The only real con about this build is that you’re usually at risk of being destroyed by magic, but if you’re fast like you should be, it isn’t that big of a con at all.

Double Dagger Build-
Probably the second most popular build, this one emphasizes your ability to dual wield. Not only that, but you can rake in some of the highest damage possible out of any class and take down an opponent rather quickly. This is because you have the ability to use Double Attack with a Dagger weapon in your right hand (this will be explained in the Skills section). Dagger and Axe combo is the preferred use of this build but there are other strategies with other weapons you can experiment with. You can also put in some serious effects onto your opponent if you decided to use some status inducing cards. Main attacks besides click and point tactics are Meteor Assault and sometimes Soul Breaker. Throw Venom Knife is also used a lot by this build as well. Cons are kind of obvious. Close range attacks are pretty much a double edged sword; you have to be very tactical. Also, since you’re not using Katars/Jurs you can’t use Sonic Blow or Grimtooth and takes away some of your more ranged abilities. If you know this build well, though, you can move around these difficulties with little trouble. Just watch out for reflect damage.

Soul Breaker Build-
This build died a long time ago when Kiel Cards were no longer allowed in headgears and put into footgear. Not only that, but the Server Cast Delay Rate was fixed. Nowadays you have cast reduction items that will help you with this build. Least to say, chances are you will dual wield with this build and your only main focus will be Soul Breaker and keeping your distance. This has little negative affects since you’re always at a distance and you can get some serious damage done to your opponent without worrying about reflect damage. Add in a Kiel to your footgear and it’s even more effective. You’re pretty much like a Double Dagger Sinx, but your main focus is on long range not close. Your secondary attack is Meteor Assault. Here’s the problem, though. You are at a huge risk to other ranged classes since Soul Breaker has a long delay. Not only that, but if someone closes the gap between the two of you, you are at risk of being pounded to the ground. Magic is also rather worrisome too at times but only because of their ranged attacks and Area of Effect (AoE) skills. Because you have some intelligence on this build, you'll be able to withstand more magic attacks in general so just be careful. In WoE this danger increases since you are more likely to fight multiple people who have more chances of taking granted of your delay. Otherwise, if you play right, you can take out many opponents with no problem.

Hybrid Build-
This build is probably more under-appreciated than any other build. The reason why is probably because it’s hard to find a good balance and barely anyone puts up that much effort to find one. Your main focus on this build is balance and trying to use everything at your disposal. With this build you are just as good with Katars/Jurs as you are with dual weapons (though it’s preferable to use the former). Your stats are made to be decent against pretty much every class no matter if it’s melee or magic. The secret to this build is you have to have a lot of patience and you have to find what works for you. Because people have difficulty using a medium in builds, they usually go for a complete side or the opposite and not in between. This build requires you to know all of your skills and all of your weapons. You will not over dominate one particular class per say, but you will be effective against pretty much every class. This is my build; this is the build I use. Though I found this build on accident, I messed with my stats for a good year and found out later that I was using a Hybrid build pretty much. The only major con about this build is that you won’t necessarily overwhelm a single class, but you can be just as effective as a Sonic Blow/Grimtooth build if you have the patience and skill for it.


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Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:01 pm

The Stats:
The stats on your Sinx are probably the most crucial aspect you should focus on. With only a limited amount of points to use, you have to choose carefully what kind of build you want, what your main focus is, and then apply that to your stats. Doing your stats takes time and patience. Feel free to adjust them as you practice to see which ones seem best for you. It doesn’t matter if you have the best equips in the game. If you don’t have the right stats to back them up, you won’t go far. So let’s go through them all.

Or “STR” is probably one of the most crucial stats you can have on a Sinx. This increases the amount of weight you can carry as well as increases your Attack (ATK). As a Sinx you should always try to have no lower than 200 STR (ideally you should try to aim for 255). This helps you cause significant damage against your opponent. Every 10 STR gives you bonus damage. Not to mention for every 5 STR gives you a ranged attack bonus. This is good to keep in mind when altering this stat. Keep in mind that depending on the cards and weapons you use, your opponent’s gears, and your opponent’s cards, damage may be varied.

Or “AGI” is also a crucial stats you must have on your Sinx (with the possible exception to a Soul Breaker build since it does not affect cast time or cast delay). This stat affects your Flee (your chance to dodge opponent’s attacks) and your Attack Speed (ASPD). Both are very important. Your aim is to usually get no lower AGI needed in order to reach 196 ASPD. This is the highest you can achieve so try to get enough AGI for that. Also, a little bit of Flee also helps in those dire cases of being cornered or forcing your opponent to get more Hit (which we’ll go into later). Keep in mind, though, that Flee does not help against magic. It’s also worthy to mention that depending on what weapon(s) you use, your ASPD may be lowered. With no weapons you achieve your highest natural ASPD. With Daggers and Katars/Jurs you reach your second highest ASPD. With Swords, you have your third highest ASPD. And with Axes, you achieve your lowest ASPD. Keep all of this in mind when figuring out this stat in case you’re using certain weapons.

Or “VIT” is a very tricky stat for a Sinx to use. Because of certain cards taking advantage of the amount of VIT you have, you want to be careful with how much you add. You don’t want to put too low or too much of it or you risk being beaten fairly quickly. I find a nice medium of 35 to no higher than 55 base VIT to be a nice and safe scale. VIT increases your Hit Points (HP) as well as your Defense (DEF). You also get some bonuses including HP regeneration (this helps you recover some HP every few seconds as long as you aren’t overweight). VIT also does increase your MDEF but not by a significant amount. Overall, just be careful with this stat considering Sinx isn’t a defensive type but it does have one of the highest HP modifiers out of all the classes.

Or “INT” is probably the least used stat for any Sinx (with the exception to Soul Breaker builds and somewhat Hybrid builds). INT increases your Magic Attack (MATK), MDEF, and Spell Points (SP). INT also gives you some bonuses with SP restoration (in other words you gain some SP every few seconds). This stat increases your SP which is necessary in order to have enough SP in order to cast skills. So some SP is usually good to have so you don’t run out and end up being unable to perform skills. For a Soul Breaker Sinx, this stat is good for increasing some of your damage on Soul Breaker. For a Hybrid Sinx, you sometimes can choose to have a lot or a little depending on your personal abilities to withstand MATK or your ability to avoid it all together. So while it’s probably the least important overall, it’s still handy.

Or “DEX” is THEE most important stat you can have on your Sinx. This stat increases your accuracy with your attacks (also known as your Hit), slightly increases your ASPD, passively increases your ATK, and also helps decrease your cast time with skills. You need AT LEAST a total of 150 DEX in order to instantly cast your skills so you should have at least that amount. Also, have enough Hit in order to effectively hit your opponent (what is the point of dealing out good damage if you can’t even hit your opponent?). Between 450 and 550 Hit is usually a safe bet since the average person has around that much Flee or lower. In terms of ASPD it isn’t that important, but in terms of increasing your ATK, it can be very valuable to boost your damage. Because this stat deals with so many important factors, it is an absolute must for any and every Sinx to have plenty of. Always, always, ALWAYS have plenty of DEX.

Or “LUK” is another valuable stat to have (unless you’re a Double Dagger Build since you don't really need it). It increases your Critical Rate (Crit), your Perfect Dodge, and your ATK. Crit allows your attacks to ignore your opponents DEF. The higher your Crit, the higher chance you have of bypassing your opponent’s DEF. Perfect Dodge is also increased by how much Flee you have. The purpose of Perfect Dodge is to avoid being hit with physical attacks. Also, LUK gives you an added bonus of 1 ATK for every 5 LUK. For the damage bonus alone, it’s a pretty useful stat depending on the build you want.

The Status Effects:
Before I go further, I’d like to explain the key status effects (also known as status ailments) you will encounter while in PvP and WoE. I find it important to know what you’re going up against and what you should keep in mind. As a Sinx you already have a natural disposition to causing some of these status effects with your skills, though you should know what to look out for when you’re confronted with being affected by these. Keep in mind that I will mention cards and skills that relate to the statuses but won’t go into detail about the cards and skills themselves until the Cards section and the Skills section. With that in mind, I will now describe the details of the status effects, how to get rid of them, and their overall effectiveness.

Probably the easiest one to understand as well as the most deadly status effect. This status ailment causes you to have 1 HP and 0 SP. There’s no real way to avoid this unless you don’t get hit in general or if you use Golden Thief Bug Card to be immune to it (remember that this card won’t be talked about in the future). The only way to get rid of it is by healing yourself, but chances are you’ll die immediately after you get hit with this. The advantages of using it against your opponent should be obvious. Lord of Death Card is known to cause this effect. Do not depend on this status effect whatsoever since it has an extremely low chance of occurring. Recognizable features of having this status effect are when you see your HP and SP suddenly look empty.

This is a very troublesome status to deal with. It decreases DEF while increasing MDEF, makes Flee pretty much useless, causes wind property attacks to do more damage (since you become water property), and causes the inability to move for an extended period of time. If you are frozen, you can still switch equips and weapons, which is useful if you know what you’re opponent will do (though you can’t use any items). You basically have to get hit in order to get out of it, but it does stop eventually if you’re not hit. Use Evil Druid Card or Marc Card so you’re unable to be frozen. Stormy Knight gives you a chance to freeze someone (reminder that these cards will be described more so in the Cards section). This is the most common status effect you will likely run into and is recognizable for its ice effect entrapping you inside.

As a Sinx, you have a chance at causing blind on your opponent using Sprinkle Sand and/or Meteor Assault. This status effect reduces the opponent’s Flee and Hit while also reducing their range in visibility. It’s not that much to worry about but if you have another status effect on you, it can be quiet troublesome. Deviruchi Card allows you to be immune to it but you really don’t need to waste your time to use it. You’re better off using Panacea (which will be discussed in the next section) to get rid of it or just wait till it goes away. You’ll realize this effect when the surrounding area of your vision becomes encircled with darkness and when you hear a small squeaking-like sound.

Probably the most annoying status effect to deal with is curse. While making your LUK turn to 0 and reducing your ATK, it causes you to walk insanely slow. As a Sinx, being slowed down is the last thing you want to do so either have an Evil Snake Lord Card (which makes you unable to be cursed) or use Panacea to get rid of the effect. If you have neither option, just try to avoid getting any damage and the effect will go away eventually. Lord of Death Card also causes this effect, so if you want someone to slow down and not move so much, cursing them is perfect for such occasions. Keep in mind that the speed of your skills is not reduced so Backslide is still an effective means of movement. When cursed you hear a fast and high pitched scream as a Grim Reaper appears over your head.

You do NOT want to be silenced at any point in time. To be silenced means you cannot use any skills whatsoever. You have the options to move and and/or melee hit someone but that’s it. To use this would be towards your advantage as long as no one uses a Marduk Card to be immune to it. Once again, Lord of Death Card has this effect but so does Metaller Card. If you have no protection against it, the effect does naturally die out so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck on you forever. When silenced, you will see a circle with “…” over your head.

Pretty much like frozen where you can’t do a single thing unless you get hit or it runs out. Sleep gives the opponent to do extra Crit damage on you. If you cause someone to sleep by using a Plankton Card, you can do some nice damage on them with your next attack. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll notice their asleep unless by some random chance that you cause the status on them and don’t hit them right away. To be immune to it, get a Nightmare Card, but it’s not that much an endangerment to bother with it. It’s hard to tell, but when you’re asleep, you will see small Zs moving above your head.

Stone Curse-
The effect is similar to frozen except it takes a while before you stop moving all together. You become earth property and thus fire does more damage to you. Your DEF is reduced and you lose a tiny bit of HP every few seconds (but not nearly enough to be overly concerned). Once you have it, you are able to walk around normally but the color of your character gets blacker and blacker. When you turn pretty much completely black, you stop moving. The effect dies out on its own or if you get hit. Keep in mind that while you’re slowly turning darker, you can be hit but you cannot do anything about it except try to move around and use items. Medusa Card and Evil Druid Card allows stone curse to not affect you. Also, if someone casts it on you while you’re already stone cursed, it takes away the effect automatically. Dark Frame Card or Pest Card is usually your best option in concerns of causing stone curse on someone. With that said, there is nothing you need to know more about noticing this status effect.

Depending on what is stripped, you cannot re-equip it until the effect wears off or until you die. The items that can be stripped are upper headgear, armor, shield, and weapon(s). If someone uses Full Strip, the entire said mentioned are stripped until time wears out. Here’s the thing, though. Say you’re not using a Shield at all while someone does Full Strip on you. As long as they don’t use Strip Shield or Full Strip again, you can equip a Shield after being stripped fully. Good to keep in mind especially when fighting a Stalker. Drill Katar does Full Strip but has the side effect of letting people re-equip their items right away. Wikebine Tres Card has a chance of stripping armor while Metaling Card has a chance of stripping weapons in case you wish to know what cards are involved. This status effect is noticeable when you see your character looking a little naked and/or when you hear a kind of quick grinding sound.

Also an incredibly annoying status effect is stun. You cannot do anything when you’re stunned until it wears off. This means that someone can constantly attack you while you’re stunned and you can’t do a thing about it. It is almost essential to get Orc Hero Card to be immune to it or else you risk dying a sad death. Thankfully, you have the natural ability to cause stun by using Meteor Assault as well as Sonic Blow, so this is extremely good for you. Not to mention that Lord of Death Card, again, also has this effect. As a Sinx, if you stun someone, you can almost always completely annihilate them, so take granted of the situation of stunning your opponent. Basically, it sucks to be stunned but it’s awesome to stun someone else. Just like in the cartoons, this status effect is noticeable by its swirling stars over your head and a little whirly whistle noise.

External Bleeding-
This effect is something you, as an Assassin Cross, need to worry about. Not for the fact that it slowly causes you to lose HP (and has the ability to kill you if you’re at low enough health and it doesn’t wear out in time), or for the fact that it negates your ability to regenerate HP and SP, but for the fact that it messes with your ability to cloak and hide. If you’re bleeding, at random times if you’re hiding or cloaking, you will unhide or uncloak. You do NOT want this to happen when you don’t want it to. Since everyone nowadays uses an Assassin Cross Card (which allows people to use cloak) this can be an advantage for you as long as they aren’t wearing Ungoliant Card (which allows you to not bleed). You have the ability to cause this effect with Meteor Assault and/or by using a Lord of Death Card. The only real ways of recognizing this status effect is when you either randomly uncloak or unhide or when you see your HP moving down slowly.

At almost every chance you get, you’re able to poison someone naturally. As an Assassin Cross, this is the status effect you are made to cause. Your most effective uses of poison are probably the skills Venom Dust and Envenom (which will be talked about more later). While poisoned, it reduces your DEF, disables your SP regeneration, and consumes a considerable amount of HP each second. You cannot die from poison once you reach the red line on your HP bar as the effect will automatically die out no matter how many times you are poisoned (poison only lasts a certain amount of time in general). Panacea is useful for this but you also can take away poison from yourself (or others) by using your skill known as Detoxify. This status effect is extremely useful since you can use it against every single opponent and consume their HP slowly but surely. I suggest you get to know this status effect very well since you’ll be working with it a lot. This status effect is noticeable when your HP starts moving down and when your character suddenly turns a shade of purple.

Enchant Deadly Poison’s Poison-
This isn’t recognized as an official status effect but it deserves to be seen as one. Sinxes are able to use the skill known as Enchant Deadly Poison; with this, you have a random chance of poisoning someone through certain skills or simply using melee attacks on them. This isn’t like regular poison, though. No, this poison can cause you to go past the red HP bar and even kill you. Not only that, you cannot use anything except Detoxify to get rid of the poison Enchant Deadly Poison causes (unless, of course, the effect’s duration runs out first). And let us not forget that this poison rapidly decreases your HP faster than regular poison. This is good for you, though, if you somehow cause this kind of poison on an opponent. Chances are they will only think it is regular poison and could very well panic when they find that their items or skills aren’t taking the affect away. I recall one time where I lost to a High Wizard but saw him die seconds later a few pixels from me because this kind of poison killed him. With all of this said, I’m sure you realize how useful this status effect is. Don’t forget, though, that it's noticed in a similar way as you would notice regular poison.

The Items:
A Sinx can be aided by a variety of items; whether it may increase their attack speed, their walking speed, or even their damage. Without some of these items, it’s likely you won’t survive as a Sinx. Some of them, though, are just valuable assets to have on you at all times. I will discuss these items in detail so you can get a full scope of how, when, and why they are used. I’ll start with the most important item for any Assassin Cross.

Poison Bottle-
This item will aid you in the majority of your battles. While I don’t personally use it against certain classes to be fair in a duel, I do suggest you use it against other classes and always in WoE. Sinx duels are more fun and show more skill when you don’t use this item in Sinx vs Sinx duels. Anyways, back to the item itself. This item has two aspects: it can be consumed or it can be used. It’s first created by the skill known as Create Deadly Poison and it can be used with the skill Enchant Deadly Poison. I’ll talk more about those skills and the effect later.

To consume this item (though usually unneeded unless you’re a Non-Donor) you gain a healthy boost in your ASPD but you have to deal with being poisoned. If you detoxify yourself to no longer be poisoned, you lose the boost. The effect wears off in about a minute and you no longer are poisoned. By the way, if a non-Assassin class drinks one, they die instantly. If you’re too lazy to make them, you can always try buying them off of merchants if any are selling.

These should always be a must have for any Sinx. Carry a good few of each with you at all times. A converter is something that changes the elemental property of your weapon when used. This affect lasts a decent amount of time and can aid you greatly in terms of causing damage. While I realize that the Sinx has the natural ability to convert their weapons (or party members’) to that of poison property, I’m discussing the items and not the skill. The items for converting your weapons are the following:
- Flame Elemental Converter (Fire Property)
- Frost Elemental Converter (Water Property)
- Lightning Elemental Converter (Wind Property)
- Seismic Elemental Converter (Earth Property)
- Cursed Water (Shadow Property)

Your weapon(s) and your attack are naturally neutral in property (unless it says otherwise). The purpose of these converters is to change your elemental property of your weapon. Keep in mind, that it only holds for a certain amount of time and it only stays on the weapon you enchant (unless of course you enchant it with another kind of converter). Depending on what element your opponent(s) is wearing also determines how your weapon will affect the overall damage. All of the converters are decent against neutral opponents. Wind is the favored converter to use. It goes best against someone who is frozen or is the property of water. Shadow is also another good one to use and does the most damage against holy property. To break it down more simply, fire is good against earth, earth is good against wind, wind is good against water, water is good against fire, and shadow is good against holy. I suggest not using water and earth converters as a default since many people have immunities against these elements.

Practice with them and always keep ahead of your opponent and you can usually guess what element they’re changing to so you can change your element to deal more damage. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you see a bunch of misses or if you see a lot of flashing white on them (both don’t show any damage being done) it means you’re either not doing anything to them or actually healing them. This is because of the armors they use, so be careful. It’ll take some practice but you should be able to get the hang of it. To obtain them get a Sage or Professor to use Create Elemental Converter for you or try buying them off a merchant. Cursed Water can’t be created by a Sage or Professor but it’s easy to hunt off of Violy and False Angel in Geffenia in order to get them.

Miscellaneous Items-
The items I will talk about here are pretty simple to explain and are obvious for their use. Keep some of these around with you at all times:
* Authoritative Badge: This item temporarily allows you to walk faster than your normal speed but it will not affect you if you already have a footgear card or footgear that enhances your walking speed already. Hunt them off of Sohees.

* Red Gemstone: Needed for certain skills so keep a good many with you. Buy them off of the pet food vendor.

* Resist Potions: Depending on which one you use (Cold, Fire, Thunder, Earth) it will temporarily increase your resistance to the specified elemental property. I don’t suggest using these a lot since it’s a double edged sword (I rarely if ever use them myself). The downside to using these is that it increases the damage from the elemental property opposite of the one you’re resisted to. Example would be if you were to use a Cold Resist Potion, you’d be a little resistant against water property but you’d take more damage from wind property. These items don’t really do too much but sometimes a little goes a long way.

* Panacea: Cures every abnormal status ailment (which includes poison, silence, blind, confusion, curse, and hallucination). If you’re poisoned, it’ll cause you to no longer be poisoned. If you’re cursed, it will cause you to no longer be cursed. This item is pretty damn good and I suggest you hold a good many with you especially during WoE where status ailments could mean your death. You can use these while cloaked which is also a plus. Best way to obtain it is at a shop.

With that being said, let’s move on to the last few items.

Venom Knives And Arrows-
Some of you could be confused by the last part. I’ll explain later. Venom Knives are used for the skill Throw Venom Knife. The item itself is neutral in property but it has a chance of poisoning your target. You can equip them by dragging the icon over your character. Good to keep a few with you and serves as a long ranged weapon.

Now you deserve an explanation to the latter of the items: the arrows. Believe it or not, you can equip arrows. No, you can’t use them with the skill Throw Venom Knife, but they do serve a purpose. The purpose is to use STATUS arrows (no other kind of arrows will work). Many people believed you could ONLY use Frozen Arrows but this is not true, you can use any status arrow to your liking and you only need one. What this does is cause some of your skills and attacks to have an extremely low chance of causing the status ailment of the arrow you have equipped. If you have a Mute Arrow, guess what? You have a low chance of causing Silence on your opponent. This chance is low enough that it may seem pointless, but I’ll tell you from experience that using a Frozen Arrow has saved my ass at times so it’s worth it in my opinion. I’m sure by now you get the idea.

Some of you may be wondering if this is a glitch and thus an exploitation of one. Thankfully it isn’t because when the skill was introduced you could only equip arrows by having at least level 3 Grimtooth (though this doesn't apply on this server). Remember, you could also equip arrows as a Thief when you had the option of using a bow. Interesting how things work, huh?


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Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:07 pm

The Weapons:
As an Assassin Cross, you are a weapon specialist. Not only are you able to equip weapons with a full range of 8 slots for cards, you have the ability to create some of the best weapon combinations out of any class. Though you have the capability to dual wield Daggers and Swords, you also have the ability to dual wield a few types of Axes as well. Keep in mind that you can only use one-handed weapons for dual wielding. This, of course, comes with the lovely exception to the most unique weapon class out of the entire game: the two-handed weapon known as the Katar or Jur. We’ll learn more on the Katar/Jur later in this section.

In this section, you will learn the types of weapons you should use and have at all times. Please note that I will only talk about neutral property weapons since I find almost every elemental weapon useless in PvP and WoE since you have the ability to use Converters. Depending on your build, you may only have some of these weapon classes with you. Yet, if you play as a Hybrid, you should have all of these weapon classes on you. To avoid de-carding and such, I suggest you make every kind of weapon you can. Make one for every situation, every build, every class, et cetera (this will be covered later in the Card Combinations for Weapons section). Doing so will increase your chances of outsmarting your opponent and always having a counter. So always have more than one weapon with you. For example, I have 17 weapons on me at all times: 10 Katars/Jurs, 4 Daggers, 2 Swords, and 1 Axe. I have a full arsenal for every class no matter what build they have, what class they are, or what equips they own. Let us not forget that you should always try to have your weapons upgraded to be +10. Doing so will give you a nice boost in ATK and increase your overall damage with that weapon.

I am aware that many, if not most, of you will not be able to do this for a long while (it took me about a year before I could get all of my weapons completed) which is why you should go with the basic needs (this will also later be covered in the Card Combinations for Weapons section). With that said, let us outline the types of weapons almost every Sinx should have.

Daggers are necessary for a Double Dagger build, Hybrid build, and sometimes a Soul Breaker build. If you’re only using one, use it in the right hand so you are able to do Double Attack to do double damage (this will be explained further in the Skills section). Paired with a Sword or Axe, you’re pretty much good to go (you can also use another Dagger if you have a good reason for it). At times it is also advisable to use a Shield with a Dagger, yet we won’t go into further detail until the Shield is explained later. The majority of your non-Katar/Jur weapons will most likely consist of Daggers so it’s good to keep a few types handy. I’ll explain them to you now.

* Main Gauche [4]: This Dagger is the most valuable asset you can have on you for dual wielding. Though it is the weakest Dagger you’ll probably use, its advantage lies in the number of slots it has for cards. Depending on the card combinations, you can increase the damage of this weapon to above and beyond any Dagger. Not only that but you can create some pretty cool effects as well with certain cards. Overall, it’s the Dagger every Sinx should have. To get it, it’s best to hunt Porcellio or buy it off of the Slotted Daggers & Katars NPC in Yuno. Buying it upgraded from a merchant is also advisable.

* Desert Wind [4]: Basically a better version of the Main Gauche [4] and the most valuable dagger for a Sinx. This dagger has 7 more ATK and also has a better ATK upgrade when +10 than that of the Main Gauche [4]. I’d suggest not using it in conjunction with Desert Twilight [2] since the bonuses aren’t that great. To get this item, I suggest buying it off of a merchant or trying to hunt it off of Skeleton General. The former is probably your best bet.

* Combat Knife: To put it simply, it adds 10% resistance to Demi-Humans (Demi-Humans are all Ragnarok players and some monsters) and pierces the defense of Demi-Humans. While it has no slots for cards, this is a moderately good weapon to have because while you have resistance to your opponent you are also able to do more damage to them. Best way to get one is to find a merchant who is selling one or killing Sniper Shecil.

* Ice Pick [1]: The Ice Pick deals more damage depending on your opponent’s defense. In other words, if your opponent has a lot of DEF, it will do more damage. This weapon is good to carry with you; plus the slot is an added bonus. The weapon can do pretty low damage if your opponent turns out to have low DEF, but that’s why you should always carry more than one weapon with you. In order to obtain this Dagger you either have to kill Assassin Cross Eremes, Lord of Death, or RSX 0806 and hope they drop it. You also can try your luck at finding a merchant selling one. Keep in mind that you can only obtain the non-slotted version naturally. In order to get the slotted version (and thus having the best version) you either have to be lucky enough to find a merchant selling it or try to slot one using a Socket Enchant NPC (the most common one is in Prontera).

* Grimtooth: No, I’m not talking about the skill; I’m talking about the Dagger itself. This weapon has the highest ATK out of any Dagger. Though it decreases your DEF by half it increases your Flee by 10 and Perfect Dodge by 5. This weapon is also handy in a few cases when you encounter someone who is using an Ice Pick or Thanatos Card (you’ll learn more about these cards in the Card section). While previously mentioned that Flee builds are generally useless in Loki, the advantages of perhaps having two of these weapons should be obvious in those dire times of fighting against a melee opponent. They are especially useful if you know your opponent has low Hit. Best way to obtain this weapon is either finding a merchant selling it or by killing Dark Lord and having it drop.

Though I suggest using an Axe over a Sword, it is good to sometimes use one since it lowers your ASPD less than an Axe would. It’s usually best to dual wield with it in your left hand. In my later sections, always assume that you can use a Sword instead of an Axe since I will likely not mention Swords with my techniques and such. Because there is not much else to say, let’s move on to the one Sword that I will now discuss.

* Blade [4]: This is the only Sword you will ever need. The same reasons apply here as they did for the Main Gauche [4]. Again, not much else to say. The best way to get this weapon is to either find a merchant selling it upgraded or upgrade one yourself by buying it from the Sword NPC in Yuno or hunting it off of Thief Bug Female.

These weapons are extremely useful to Sinxes. Remember, though, that Axes lower your ASPD more so than any other weapon you can equip. Like a Sword, this is also usually better to use in your left hand while dual wielding. There are only really a few Axes you can equip as an Assassin Cross but out of all of them, there is only one Axe that is truly useful.

* Orcish Axe [4]: Nothing needs to be said. It’s pretty much the same description for Main Gauche [4] and Blade [4]. Best to use this weapon over a Blade [4] at pretty much all times. Getting this weapon is a bit harder, though. As usual, you can always try your luck by finding a merchant selling one. If not, though, you’ll have to hunt High Orcs to receive the non-slotted version and then use the Socket Enchant NPC to slot it. It’s worth the effort in the end, though.

This is the most unique weapon out of the entire game and pretty much the most valuable weapon to every single Assassin Cross. The Katar (also known as the Jur in game) is exclusive to the Assassin class. This class of weapon enables you to have full range of every skill you own (since without it you wouldn’t be able to use Sonic Blow or Grimtooth) while also doubling your Crit. The only disadvantage of using this weapon is that it’s two-handed, but for what it is, what it does, and what it allows you to do, this is a tiny disadvantage. It is also a MUST have for any self respecting Sinx (with the exception to Double Dagger and sometimes Soul Breaker Sinxes).

Now the Katar is an actual weapon in real life. In India it is also known as the Bundi Dagger and was used for quick and close range attacks. Like in game, the Katar was also used with poisons and was revered for its light weight and deadly effectiveness. You can look up more information about this amazing weapon online since it doesn’t really have to do with the guide itself; I just wanted to share a little history. With that said, let me describe the Katars/Jurs valued in this guide.

* Specialty Jur [4]: If you have a few Katars/Jurs, it’s most likely that the majority will consist of this weapon. Obvious advantage is the 4 slots which enable you to come up with useful card combinations. You should always have a few of these on you since they are probably your most valued weapon out of any Katar/Jur. Disadvantage? You have a low chance of External Bleeding yourself. This can easily be fixed with an Ungoliant Card, though. To get this weapon, try to hunt Eremes, but you’ll probably have better luck finding a fully upgraded one from a merchant.

* Drill Katar [1]: This is such a fun weapon to have. Basically what it does is it has a very low chance to Full Strip your opponent. Not only that but it also gives you +30 Hit. It’s useful for the fact that it allows you to surprise them. I do suggest using this weapon sparingly. Probably best to use it if you’re confident, desperate, and/or you just want to have some fun. Whatever card you put in it, makes the difference, though. Hunt this off of Alicel or, once again, try finding a merchant who is selling it.

* Infiltrator [1]: This is my personal favorite weapon of all time. Not only does it increase your DEF by 3, increase your Flee by 5, or give you +2 Perfect Dodge, it also increases your damage on Demi-Humans by 50%. Place a slot in it and overall it’s a pretty good weapon. You can make more powerful weapons than this if you choose to, so keep that in mind. Chances are that you won’t need this weapon but, if you wished, it could be used as a secondary weapon (it’s especially good for Non-Donors). Sadly, this Katar/Jur is pretty hard to obtain. To get this weapon you have to get really lucky finding a merchant who is selling it. Or get it the hard way by hunting the non-slotted version off of Nightmare or Nightmare Terror and slot it using the Socket Enchant NPC. It’s hard work and worth it in my opinion, but as a Donor you’re pretty much better off with a Specialty Jur [4].

The Equips:
Equips (short for Equipment) are a must for obvious reasons. They grant you special effects, stats, defense, and more. As an Assassin Cross, you will be using a good many of them in general when battling. You should learn what to use in what situation depending on whom you are against, what build they are, and what they are using. Having the right equipment can either do you in or save you from a humiliating defeat. What I will describe is how these equips work, how they can help you, their importance, and their overall functionality. I will remind you, though, that just because some of these equips are for Donors, that it shouldn’t stop a non-Donor from looking into them and their importance. That and for the fact that they can adapt from the information they’ve learned.

Take your time to getting some of these since you might not get them all at first hand. Generally, the non-donated items are usually pretty easy to get, but upgrading them is another problem. Most people want +10 equipment and while this can be good, you should upgrade certain armors and gears to how you like them and how you feel you would function with them. Myself? I only have one +10 equipment (this excludes weapons of course) and it’s the only one I need, the rest are +9 and no lower than +4. So all in all, just be mindful of what you decide to wear.

Remember that while I am aware that there are things that are useful to a Sinx and are NOT mentioned, it’s because I do not use them personally or it’s because I have no experience with them (such is the case with the Elemental Armors). I will say that it would be in your best interest to go beyond what I’ve laid down for you and see what works for you.

First, though, we’ll start off with the most important of the gears to a Donor: the Headgears.

The headgears, for a Donor, are the most important of the equips you will have. Without them, your stats would be lowered significantly, your damage would decrease, and your overall defense and HP would be heavily dented. For myself, I do not have the crazy amount of Buff Helms that you find so many people nowadays walking around with, so like I said in the beginning, you will not learn about those (you don’t need them anyway). In general you don’t need too much anyway. I still only have two Upper Headgears, one Middle, and one Lower. You can do more if you feel up for it, but you usually only need this amount. Keep in mind, that if you want a particular look, you can always get a Dyna version of these Headgears. What Dyna does is give you a Headgear appearance of your choice (Wings only take on the form of Wings in the Buy Page while the other Headgears take on the form of non-Donor Headgears). They aren’t important overall since they’re just for looks. So to give you the information you need, I’ll list the Headgears you need to focus on.

* PvP Helm: The most important Headgear in terms of fighting your opponent is what is most commonly known as the PvP Helm which is an Upper Headgear. There are two versions of the PvP Helm: Evil Angel Helm and Twin Bunnies. Both have 4 slots and give you +20 STR and +15 AGI. This isn’t what makes this Headgear so good, though. No, it’s the +50% damage against Animal, Human, and Demi-Human. The latter of these three is what makes this Headgear so important. As a Sinx you are made to deal out high damage, so having this on only makes things better. Given that you also have 4 slots to fill, you have an extensive card combination at your disposal. I suggest putting your least important Headgear Cards in this helm since if you’re stripped, it won’t completely ruin you.

* +30 Helm: Once again, Upper Headgear, 4 slots, same rules apply in carding for the PvP Helm except that it’s only function is to give you +30 to ALL STATS. There are many Headgears that give you +30 stats including Dowry, Dragon Helm, Gryphon Hat, Mario Hat, and more (+25 Helms are good as well if you decide to buy them instead). This is extremely helpful if you’re breaking an Emperium and if you’re a Soul Breaker Sinx. If you need to put on a Headgear to give you a boost in stats when your PvP Helm isn’t cutting it, you can also use this. A good example would be if, say, you can’t hit your opponent and need that +30 DEX and LUK in order to get more HIT or Crit. While I rarely use this (I mainly use it for Emperium breaking or for hunting), it’s still pretty good to use.

* Wings: When people mention Wings, they usually mean the ones that give you +30 stats (Butterfly Wings, Fairy Wings, et cetera). This is a Middle Headgear and also has 4 slots. Put your most important cards in this Headgear since it cannot be stripped at all. It’s only main purpose is to give you more stats which will help you overall against your opponents. It shouldn’t warrant a further explanation.

* Lower Headgear: These are the +15 Headgears you should get: Super Saiyan Tail, Rabo De Gato, and Rose. They all have 1 slot each and are generally just a boost in stats once again. They’re your best bet and also can’t be stripped so place a nice important card in there too.

Your basic means of defense, in terms of equipment, is your armor. Armors are especially important because of the variety of cards that go with them (if the armors are slotted). In most cases, it’s not a good idea to go without wearing one. Thankfully, you don’t have to do much searching to find an acceptable one since there is generally only one you’ll be using as a Sinx. That armor, of course, is what is commonly known as Valk Armor.

* Valkyrja’s Armor [1]: To go to the basics it gives you +1 to all of your stats, is indestructible, and increases your resistance to stun by 50%. Not only that but it has one slot. This is the armor you will more than likely using as a Sinx for every opportunity. It’s a safe bet to get this upgraded to at least +4 and nothing is wrong with upgrading it higher (depending on your stats and build). You gain this armor from either a merchant (which is common nowadays) or by killing Valkyrie Randgris. Keep a few of these with you and card them to your liking.

Sinxes? With Shields?! It’s not as stupid as one might think. Besides the obvious advantages of getting some more DEF and usually a slot, it holds a more meaningful purpose to you as an Assassin Cross. A Shield goes into your weakest hand (off hand) which is your left one. This leaves your strongest hand, the right hand, free to wield a weapon (preferably a Dagger due to Double Attack or another weapon of your choice if you wish). Depending on whom your opponent is, what class they are, and what tactics they use, a Shield with another weapon can be better in certain cases than if you were to dual wield or use Katars/Jurs. There are really only two worth mentioning, so let’s continue.

* Valkyrja’s Shield [1]: This Shield is especially good for magic classes (this point is further emphasized when card slotting comes into play later). It gives you 20% resistance against fire, water, shadow, and undead property. Not only that, but it also gives you +5 MDEF. With the added bonus of having a slot, you can take the advantage against your opponent when the time calls for it (as long as you’re smart). Valkyrie (not Randgris) drops this, but you’ll likely find it from a merchant.

* Strong Shield [1]: This Shield may confuse some people and may cause others to laugh at you, but if you card it right, it’s not something to laugh at. Strong Shield makes it so you can’t be pushed back at all. Yet sadly it causes 20% more damage on YOU from both melee and magical attacks. Depending on who you’re against, this Shield can sometimes save your life. Sometimes, in rare circumstances, it’s good against magic classes, but more often it’s used against melee. When we reach the Card Combinations section, using this Shield will make a LOT more sense. It’s only dropped by Bloody Knight, but sometimes you can get lucky and buy it off of a merchant.

A garment is like a secondary armor. It adds DEF but it’s usually known to give more important effects than armor. Either way, having the right garment is highly regarded as a must have when fighting. Having the right combination of garments and armors can also make the difference between death and victory. With that in mind, there are two main garments we will be discussing.

* Valkyrja’s Manteau [1]: Besides the added DEF, the slot, and the fact that it’s indestructible, this garment is highly important for a whole other reason for Sinxes. On default it allows 5% of melee damage inflicted on you to be reflected back onto your opponent. This means that if someone hit you for 100 damage (which is laughable), they’ll get hit with 5 damage. Yet the value in this garment lies in it being upgraded. For every upgrade, the reflect damage increases. As a Sinx, this is highly important to you since you’ll be fighting very close in certain situations against other melee classes. Having a +10 Valk Manteau is extremely valuable (but also very hard and expensive to obtain). Even having a +7 or +8 Valk Manteau is worth your time, though. This is also dropped by Valkyrie Randgris and is also sold by merchants.

* Wool Scarf [1]: While it may not look like much, Wool Scarf is pretty useful, especially when used while wearing Tidal Shoes (which will be discussed in Footgears) and/or wearing while fighting against magic classes thanks to it giving you +4 MDEF. Banshee drops this but you’re much more likely to find it from a merchant.

Out of all of the equips (with the very possible exception to accessories), most people only have one of each of the following that will be mentioned. They are simple footgears that help with DEF but are more highly valued for their effects. Wearing the right shoe is also a plus and will only help you as a Sinx. You shouldn’t worry about carrying too many, though.

* Sleipnir: The most prized of all footgears is this one. It increases your movement speed (always a good thing for a Sinx), increases your maximum HP and SP by 20%, increases your SP recovery by 15%, increases your MDEF by +10, and is indestructible. This footgear doesn’t need a slot for what it’s worth. Because of all these bonuses, this is a must have for any Sinx. You can either donate for one or go through the extremely hard and long process of making one yourself. Whichever way you choose to obtain it, though, is very much worth the while.

* Valkyrja’s Shoes [1]: Unlike all of the other Valk equipment, this footgear isn’t that much of a big deal. Though it gives you a good boost in DEF, is indestructible and increases your maximum SP, this footgear is only really used because of its slot. It’s dropped by Valkyrie Randgris, but you’ll probably find a merchant selling it. Though this footgear is decent, you’re usually better off going with the last footgear we will be discussing.

* Tidal Shoes [1]: It increases resistance to water property by 5%. Yup, that’s it. Oh, and it’s slotted. In all honesty, though, it’s better to use this rather than Valk Shoes. This is because if you decide to wear Wool Scarf, you increase your maximum HP by 10% as well as increase your HP recovery by 5%. Not to mention that the 5% resistance to water property can come in handy against certain attacks. You’ll probably find a merchant selling this but you can also gain it by hunting Ragged Zombie.

The main purpose of an accessory is usually to give you the effects of a card that goes in it, but some accessories are good on their own or are even better when carded. What makes this better is that you can wear two accessories at one time. Keep in mind that they can’t be upgraded. This shouldn’t be an issue anyway since most of them don’t even give you any defense at all. You only need a few though, so don’t worry.

* Megingjard: As a Sinx, one is usually more than enough, but having two is what most Assassin Crosses seek to gain. While it has no slot, it does give you +7 MDEF. Even better, though, is that it gives you +40 STR. So if you have two, that’s +80 STR added right under your belt. This is THEE accessory to have as a Sinx. It will increase your damage and even give a little bit of defense. Sadly, the only way to obtain it is if you donate or create it through a lengthy process. It’s definitely worth it, though.

* Expert Ring [1]: This accessory is a double edged sword. It increases the amount of SP taken from your skills by 5%, but reduces your after-cast delay by 5%. This will enable you to attack a little bit faster with certain skills. Not only that, but it’s slotted which is also an added bonus. Ragged Zombie drops this but you can usually find a few merchants selling them.


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Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:09 pm

The Skills:
Every skill has its use. Depending on what build you play and what weapons you use, some skills are more useful than others (for this reason Steal and First Aid will not be described since they are essentially worthless in PvP and WoE). As a Sinx, you have a multitude of skills and can create effective combinations with them. Some skills like Throw Venom Knife and Sonic Acceleration require that you do the quests for them or talk to the Platinum Skill NPC (which is found easiest in Morroc). I will not describe the passive skills since you can get everything at its highest level and don’t really need to worry about them. It would be wise, though, to read them. I will describe, however, the active skills.

First we’ll describe some miscellaneous skills—skills that don’t exactly fit together in a category with the rest. Next we have certain skills that should come as a second nature first and foremost (eventually all skills should become second nature). What this means is that you should learn how to use these skills and eventually use them effectively enough where they become instinctual. We will then go on to describe the main skills which consist of the ones you will use most often (not including the second nature skills). We will then rest on the skills that focus on poison (some of which sadly go unused by many).

Many people have asked me in the past how they can get better with these skills. For me, I spent countless hours just practicing combinations in Payon Dungeon 4 with Sohees. They’re slow enough for you to start out using different techniques on and they often move around in crowds. You can also practice Grimtooth on plants to help you get faster with it. There are other places I’m sure you can find, but this was my personal training area for a long time and I think it could help you all out. So now that I’ve given you that much advice, let’s look at the skills we will be learning about.

Miscellaneous Skills-
The skills I will briefly describe in this part of the section are skills that don’t necessarily fit into any other category. Generally they are your most weakest of skills and ultimately you’re only likely to use one of them in an actual battle or duel. So let’s start with getting these out of the way and then we can move onto the more interesting skills.

* Pick Stone: Easy enough, it allows you to pick up a Stone (or rather creates a Stone in your inventory) and can do so until you are 50% overweight. With a Stone you can use the next skill listed.

* Throw Stone: Easy enough to figure out. You can throw a Stone at your opponent (this can easily be spammed) and have a low chance of stunning and/or blinding them. It will only do up to 50 damage, though. There are much better skills to use status affects on and by far a plethora of more skills that will do a hell of a lot more damage. Overall, Pick Stone and Throw Stone are essentially useless in a fight. The only real use you could get out of those skills is to taunt your opponent by constantly tossing stones in their face (which, admittedly, can be very amusing).

* Sprinkle Sand: Now here is a decently useful move. This skill has a low chance of causing blind on your opponent and is an earth based attack. While it does only 125% of your ATK, it can do decent damage if you use Enchant Deadly Poison (do note that this skill is also incredibly spammable). For some reason, it often puts your opponent in a panic state (probably due to the fact that you’re spamming the skill itself, you keep interrupting them if they try to hit you regularly, or purely for reasons that remain unknown). Many times it seems they will try to escape instead of trying to attack you right away (this isn’t always true so don’t always assume this). If you have Maya Purple Card or an item similar to its effect, you can use this skill to unhide someone (as long as they aren’t immune to earth property). So while it’s one of your weakest moves, it can be very useful.

What Should Be Second Nature-
As a Sinx, you should be fast and effective. To begin as an effective Assassin Cross, some skills require repeated use; so much so that they should become second nature. Whether it’s to escape an enemy, protect yourself from your opponent, or to get closer to them, the skills that I will describe to you should be practiced and perfected first and foremost. These skills are key to playing well and will help you add useful combinations to your other skills. With that said, I will start off with the skill Sinxes are known for: Cloaking.

* Cloaking: This skill allows you to be invisible to your opponent (unless they have Maya Purple Card or an item that gives a similar effect). While cloaked, you can walk around freely without worrying about being targeted by single-target spells and skills. Not to mention the fact that you can stay in cloak for as long as you want (or are allowed). This remains true as long as you don’t use certain items or use skills of your own (some items can be used and you can even change your equips). You can use this skill to get away from your opponents or to sneak up on someone. Additionally it adds a layer of defense. When I say this, I don’t mean it adds defense, but it protects you from certain skills and spells that your opponent may cast.

At almost every moment you should be cloaked to ensure that you have that added protection. Keep in mind that there are certain times you will want to be uncloaked like if you want your opponent to hit you or if you want your opponent to come close to you as well as other reasons. This is the true means of defense for an Assassin Cross and will aid you in everything you do. Be aware that some skills can get you out of cloak, especially AoE skills and that the skill itself doesn’t allow you to regenerate HP and SP. You’ll learn this soon enough, though.

* Hiding: With this skill, you have even better defense. You can avoid most AoE skills and you can even use the skill Grimtooth while hidden (we’ll get into more detail about this soon). The only true disadvantages of this is that you can’t move from where you hide unless you unhide and the fact that you can’t use ANY items (you can still change equips though). You are able to stay hidden for about 5 minutes. After that point, you automatically unhide yourself, so keep aware of the time.

Ruwach and Sight are pretty much the main skills you’ll have to worry about someone revealing you while you’re in hide. There is really only one single-target skill you have to worry about and that’s Sprinkle Sand (they can only do this if they have Maya Purple though). I am also aware that Earth Spike will also get you out of hide, but it’s extremely unlikely you’ll find anyone using that tactic when they can just use Heaven’s Drive. This is because Heaven’s Drive is an AoE spell which is more effective in use. Overall this skill will help you immensely if you know how and when to use it.

* Back Sliding: In conjunction to Cloaking and Hiding, Back Sliding (or Backslide) is another skill you should know as a second nature. Backslide allows you to move instantly 5 cells behind you. So if you are facing left, you will backslide right. This skill is very useful for two purposes: Escaping and advancing. If you are unable to move away from something normally, backslide will be able to get you out of it. Likewise, if you need to somehow get closer to your opponent quickly, facing the opposite direction of them will enable you to backslide closer to them. If you want to backslide into something, somewhere, or someone (yes you can backslide directly into someone), keep in mind that there will be 4 cells between you and your desired location (backsliding directly into your opponent can give you good advantage depending on what you decide to do next).

To do quick and strategic backslides, click once in the opposite direction of where you want to go and repeat this process quickly to get around somewhere or to move around obstacles. Another way of doing this is to have two of your ALT keys (these are the keys where you press ALT with any of your number keys to either do an emote, animation, or a saying) to be /bingbing and /bangbang (you can configure this by using ALT and M). These ALT keys allow you to stand still but face in one way or the other which can be especially helpful if you’re stuck in a corner. Do not use this skill all the time though, since it can leave you open for an attack. In certain situations you are better off just walking around (especially when in cloak), yet practice and experience will ultimately help you in the end.

Main Skills-
Out of all of your skills, there are certain skills that take priority in power and effectiveness above the rest. These are your main skills. Every Sinx incorporates at least one or two of these skills as their main skill. While some builds prefer to use all four of these skills, some builds will use less. Whatever the case may be, you should know the basics of these skills and the potential they have for you as a Sinx.

* Sonic Blow: First and foremost, you need a Katar/Jur in order to use this skill (so Double Dagger and Soul Breaker builds aren’t likely to use this). At level 10, Sonic Blow has a 30% chance of stunning your opponent. It causes you to use 8 quick strikes onto your opponent that total to about 800% of your attack damage. This is a powerful move but should only be used when the time calls for it. The bad thing about this skill is that it has a 2 second cast delay that can’t really be changed (the skill can also miss). It’s best to keep a mental note of when the skill will run out so you can act quickly onto your next move (if you count to 2, for example, you can actually backslide and cloak amongst other things before the animation for the skill finishes). The only other danger there is when using this skill is the amount of reflect damage that can be done back to you.

* Grimtooth: Once again, this skill requires a Katar/Jur. Not only that but you can only use this skill while in Hiding. At its highest level, you can attack your opponent from 7 cells away in any direction around you. When it hits your opponent, there is a 3x3 splash damage area around them. This skill is powerful and can be spammed constantly. It is especially useful against opponents who use ranged attacks.

* Soul Breaker: Out of all of the skills a Sinx has, the way this skill works is the most confusing. It has two parts of its damage which consist of your INT (but not MATK) and your ATK. Above all else, having ATK causes the skill to do more damage alone than INT. It is only affected by ATK increasing cards (if you use a Katar/Jur it will only take the ATK of your right hand and ignore your left hand but if you dual wield it will factor in the CARDS of both hands). It will, however, take into account Thanatos Card and other such cards and weapons as an added effect. The INT part of the attack is non-elemental (not neutral), but the ATK part of it (fthe most important aspect of it) is determined by the element of your weapon. If you're dual wielding it takes on the elemental property of your right hand weapon. It is a ranged skill that can be done over 10 cells but it has a very long cast delay (which is able to be reduced). Sometimes it’s best to use a lower level of this skill so the delay is lower. While it is powerful, your best bet is using this skill when far away from your opponent so you have enough time to stay away from them before you can use skills again.

* Meteor Assault: Every Sinx, no matter what build, will use this skill at some point. It does decent damage and can hit in any direction within two cells of the caster. This skill is useful for uncloaking others as well as having a high chance of causing stun, blind, and external bleeding to your opponent. At certain points, it’s good to use this skill when you’re backsliding past someone, using Meteor Assault, and then backsliding away from them before they react. This skill is often used in combinations but you have to time things right in order to perform well. It does have a small cast delay but not enough to truly harm you.

Poison Skills-
Now while the Assassin Cross is known for his poison techniques, some skills are sadly underused. In the hands of a good Sinx, those underused skills can prove extremely helpful in every battle. Many of you who have played Sinx will know and use some of these skills, while others may not be aware at how effective they truly are. After I’ve properly informed you of these skills, I hope you will gain a new respect for their use.

* Detoxify: Simply put, this skill allows you to cure the poison status (including Enchant Deadly Poison’s Poison) on yourself or anyone else. While I realize this isn’t exactly a poison skill, it does have to do with poison in general. Use this if you find yourself poisoned or wish to unpoison someone else.

* Envenom: Generally a weak attack that has a good chance at poisoning your opponent. As an Assassin Cross, you’re not very likely to use this skill at all unless you just want to mess around. There are better and more effective ways to poison an enemy anyway.

* Enchant Poison: This skill can be casted onto yourself or people in your party. It enchants your weapon with the poison property and has a small chance of poisoning your opponent each time you hit them. You can get rid of the effect if you use another converter on your weapon, if you switch weapons, or if you take it off. The skill is generally useful if you run out of converters.

* Poison React: A very useful skill that counters physical hits to a certain extent and uses level 5 Envenom. This skill should be redone to keep the counters ready. It deals 400% of your attack with each counter and has a good chance of poisoning your opponent. Not only that, but the element of the counter is the same as your right hand. Often times you will need to keep casting this skill (safely) since it tends to run out quickly and often. Be aware that if you’re seeing the skill miss or if you see a flash of white light while Poison React should be countering, you’re either not doing any damage to them or you’re healing them because of the element of armor they may be wearing (this goes for all melee skills though). The best thing about this skill that many Sinxes don’t know is that if you have Poisonous Toad Card equipped, all of the Envenoms you cast (it doesn’t matter if they successfully poison them or not) will cause an automatic 5 cell pushback to your opponent. Pretty neat, huh?

* Create Deadly Potion: This is the skill you need in order to create Poison Bottles (which in turn is needed in order to use Enchant Deadly Poison). DEX and LUK affect your success rate at creating Poison Bottles. If you fail at creating one, it will take away 20% of your HP. First of all though, you will need to get one of each of the following items in order to make one Poison Bottle:
- Karvodailnirol: Considered to be the main ingredient (probably because it’s the most troublesome to obtain). Your best bet at getting these is from hunting Removers (which also drop another ingredient known as Empty Bottle). Second best bet is getting them from Poison Spores (which also drop another ingredient known as Poison Spore).
- Empty Bottle: Many monsters drop these but your best bet is Remover while your second best bet is Goat.
- Berserk Potion: The Tool Dealer in Yuno sells them.
- Cactus Needle: While it is dropped by Mukas (turn your sound off because the noise they make can get annoying very quickly) you can easily get this at the Alchemist Shop in Yuno.
- Poison Spore: This is also sold in the Alchemist Shop but you can get it from Poison Spores as well.
- Venom Canine: You can get a good amount of these from hunting Anacondaq and Side Winder.
- Bee Sting: Probably the second most troublesome to obtain, you can get these from Hornets.

Have as many of each item on you as you can without being 90% overweight. Once you have at least one of each ingredient, you can use Create Deadly Potion and make yourself some Poison Bottles

* Enchant Deadly Poison: After you obtain Poison Bottles, you can use this awesome skill. Each cast of this skill consumes one Poison Bottle. It increases your damage by 400% and stacks with many of your skills with a few exceptions (most notably Soul Breaker and Meteor Assault). It will not cast any element onto your weapon and only runs out after its duration period is reached. This means that if you die after casting Enchant Deadly Poison (EDP), it will still be active. By using this skill, your damage will rise considerably enough to match your damage with other class’ skills. You also have a low chance to cause the special Enchant Deadly Poison’s Poison affect we discussed earlier. There is a small cast delay so if you need to cast it, make sure you are safe to do so.

As powerful and helpful as this skill may be, I suggest you don’t always use it against certain classes and/or builds since sometimes that boost isn’t needed. I trust you’ll use your best judgment in concerns to that. Likewise, if you want a nice Sinx duel that actually depends on skill, don’t use EDP on each other (it’s also very fun and more satisfying) or else it’ll most likely just turn into a “Who Can Sonic Blow Each Other First” kind of situation. Either way, use this skill responsibly and with good judgment.

* Throw Venom Knife: In order to pull off this move, you need to have Venom Knives which you can obtain by going to the Assassins Guild and purchasing them off an NPC. First you need to drag the Venom Knives onto your character and then you can use the skill itself. It has a range of 10 cells and can be spammed pretty well. The main focus of this attack is not to do damage to them (it’s one of your weakest attacks anyway) but to cause poison on them (which has a very good chance). If you have status effect cards on your weapon(s) this provides an even better purpose. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t have status arrows on as well as Venom Knives so you’ll have to choose between what kind of affect you, your strategy, and your build is best at producing. Everyone has their preferences though.

* Venom Dust: Over a year ago, you probably wouldn’t have seen an Assassin Cross using this skill. Nowadays, only a few use it. I was thankful enough to learn how useful this skill was while fighting another good Sinx. She showed me first hand how effective it was. For some time, it seemed like we were the only two Sinxes in PvP using it. Thankfully others have grown to see its potential as an effective means to do away with your opponent.

If you aren’t using a Mistress Card, you’ll need to have some Red Gemstones on you. One Red Gemstone will be consumed each time you use the skill. It creates a small poisonous cloud that covers a 2x2 area. At its highest level it will stay on the ground for 50 seconds (unless Land Protector is casted upon it). This has a 100% chance of poisoning someone that decides to walk on top of it. Not only that, but you can cast many Venom Dusts in any area you want as many times as you’d like. This is perfect for slowly draining your opponent’s HP—while simultaneously weakening their defense—and causing a repeated distraction.

The truly great thing about this skill is that as long as someone is standing on top of it, they will remain poisoned (unless they’re HP has reached the red). It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing something that’s immune to poison, they will still be poisoned as long as they stand directly on top of it. There’s no way of avoiding it if they stand on it. This is especially useful if someone is hiding and has earth immunity (remember, this is about being a pure and true Assassin Cross, so you won’t be using Sight to get them out) where you just cast it on top of them and they’re forced to come out at some point. Additionally, another nice trick to this is that if someone is standing on top of it and you hear and/or see them constantly being repoisoned, it means that their HP is in the red line and they can be dealt with quickly. Thought that was neat? It’s generally thought that nothing can bypass a Priest’ Basilica. Interestingly enough, Venom Dust can. The same thing occurs with a Novice’s Trick Dead (keep in mind that I haven’t tested this out in a long time so I’m unsure if it still holds true; if it does or doesn’t, though, please inform me). Whether you directly cast it on your opponent or you leave it in a certain area where you’re sure they’ll stand or walk on eventually, this skill is amazingly useful for everything it does. Every Sinx would benefit in battle if they used it.

* Venom Splasher: This skill is my favorite skill and is, by default, one of the most powerful skills a Sinx has. To my dismay, I have only seen a rare few Sinxes use this which makes it the least used Sinx skill out of the general population. Why is this skill so underused? Who knows, but I didn’t realize its effectiveness myself till over a year ago. After I learned about Venom Dust’s usefulness, I went back and carefully read all of the skills a Sinx has and tested them in all kinds of situations. When I came upon Venom Splasher (the last skill I bothered to read and practice), I was amazed at how much potential it had. So now I’ll inform you as to why this is my favorite skill and why you should consider using it yourself.

Let’s start with the basics. First off, you need a Red Gemstone for every time you cast this skill (unless you have Mistress Card). Second off, your opponent needs to be at least 3/4ths (75%) or less HP. Once those two requirements are met, you are ready to unleash this awesome attack. All you have to do is get close to them and cast it on them. At level 10, Venom Splasher does an amazing 1000% of your ATK. At that level, it takes 9.5 seconds before its damage occurs. Before then, they are literally a walking poison bomb. After 9.5 seconds has been reached, the opponent will explode, causing splash damage to anyone in a 5x5 area around them by a percentage of the full attack done to the main target. You can actually finish off several people with this one attack if you’re lucky enough. It has a good chance at poisoning the target and anyone else caught in the splash damage of the explosion. The element the explosion takes depends on the element of your right hand and only factors in ATK increasing cards in concerns to your main damage (like Soul Breaker, it will take into affect Thanatos Card’s effect as well as other items and cards similar to it). While Enchant Deadly Poison does not stack with this skill, having Poison React active during the explosion will give it a small boost in damage.

This skill is deadly and more often than not, if you’re sneaky, your opponent won’t be aware that you’ve just turned them into a poison bomb. While there is a 12.5 second delay before you can use the skill again (in other words you can’t use it on multiple people at the same time), it can get you out of tough situations. Especially if you’re low on HP or need to keep your distance. It also serves as a very satisfying finisher. Be aware that it can cause reflect damage onto you and that depending on their element or your hit, it can miss. Another cool aspect of this skill is that if you’ve casted Venom Splasher on someone but then die while in a PvP area (but stay on the map), it will STILL activate after the proper 9.5 seconds takes place. So it’s possible to kill or damage someone after you’ve died, but only if you successfully pulled off the skill first. With all of that said, I hope that more Sinxes will take advantage of this skill and understand why it’s my favorite one. Nothing like turning your opponent into a walking poison bomb.


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Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

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this is gonna be very helpfull for my incoming sinX thanks brotha study
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Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx )

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